How Does One Prepare for a Driving Instructor Test?

A driving test comprises of 2 separate parts, these are the theory and driving test, so you will need to prepare for each part, also, additional requirements could be needed depending on your area.

Before you can take part one, you need a background check, this can sometimes take around 8 weeks, so use this time to bone up on your driving lessons and theory exam. Driving theory will involve the laws, rules, parking rules, traffic signs etc.

Normally you are given an unlimited amount of attempts regarding part one of a driving test, and each attempt is usually spaced every 2 weeks. There is generally a waiting period between part one and two, which means that aggressive study in this time is not normally needed. However, we do recommend you study a little each week that leads up to each part, to ensure you remember all the facts during the waiting period.

Part two of the driving test is the driving part of the exam. This means you have to be in the car with a fully licensed instructor that will sit in the passenger seat and grade your skills. Passing this part means you have to adhere to all the traffic laws to the letter. However, this part will only allow a limited number of attempts, after which you will have to start the entire process again from the beginning.

Sometimes the instructor will ask you questions as part of the exam, however, this is usually done after the test is over. It is very rare that your test will be taken on a highway, it is usually taken on the area where you took your lessons.


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